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Mechanical Theorem Proving in Geometries. Mathematics Mechanization. Selected Works Of Wen-tsun Wu. Wen Tsun Wu. This important book presents all the major works of Professor Wen-Tsun Wu, a widely respected Chinese mathematician who has made great contributions in the fields of topology and computer mathematics throughout his research career. The book covers Wu's papers from to and provides a comprehensive overview of his major achievements in algebraic topology, computer mathematics, and history of ancient Chinese mathematics.

In algebraic topology, he discovered Wu classes and Wu formulas for Stiefel-Whitney classes of sphere bundles or differential manifolds, established an imbedding theory The database covers descriptions and evaluations of programs, research reports and surveys, curriculum and teaching guides, instructional materials, position papers, and resource materials.

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Journey Through Mathematics. History of Mathematics: A Supplement. How to Read Historical Mathematics. Mathematics Emerging : a sourcebook Excursions in the History of Mathematics. Oxford Figures: eight centuries of the mathematical sciences. A History of Mathematics. Mathematics and the Historian's Craft. Defending Hypatia: Ramus, Savile, and the Renaissance rediscovery of mathematical history.

Mathematical Events of the Twentieth Century. Hands on History: a resource for teaching mathematics. From Calculus to Computers : using the last years of mathematics history in the classroom. Recent developments on introducing a historical dimension in mathematics. Introduction to Cultural Mathematics: with case studies in the Otomies and the Incas. African Mathematics.

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